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What an amazing year we had. September 2011-September 2012. In an attempt to find like-minded people to train with, I found laughter, memories, and deep friendships that will last forever. This has truly been a memorable year. There were many many celebrations, and next year there will be even more. I wish I could name everyone here, but Coach Nancy Hastings, along with Gary, is special in the way they nurture us not only in sport, but as individuals. Jp Charlebois and his gentle guidance make any rider crave those hills. Any time IronCanucks attended an event as "cheer squad"; it was evident that we are more than just a team. Outsiders even see it and comment on it. The amazing display of "TEAM" last weekend with Morgan Jacques, Ellen Louise, Chantelle Smit, Justin Smith, Laurence Hanly, and Amanda Guglielmi Bolger allowing my number to cross the finish line proved to me that this year we all win and that no matter what, we are supported and cared for...even if some of us are down and out. You KNOW I would have done the same for each of you. And then there are the little stories that come about from hours and hours of training together. I am proud to call myself an IronCanuck. Thank you for the last year. It was incredible! Next up...IMMT!!


Fantastic Canada ride today lots of new faces. Thanks Nancy Hastings

I show up on my fat bike because it's my favourite bike, It makes me smile and I love chasing/being chased. Hopefully people will use it as motivation to get stronger and not see it as negative. I remember the days when I was at the back of the group,cramping,falling off my bike and watching the faster riders disappear into the horizon. Thank you for the motivation to get stronger. As you get stronger it does not get easier you just go faster. 

I smile when I get you out of your comfort zone to pass the big guy on the fat bike, This also makes me push harder. There will always be faster girls and guys no matter what bike they are on. Just have fun and ride.


I just wanted to thank the whole organization on behalf of our team the Ironcanucks. I wish I could hug every single person that volunteered and helped organized this amazing event. All of us, the athletes that raced, and the athletes that came to cheer for us, our coaches, family and friends are still in AAAWWW! Of the whole week-end. We are all on cloud 9 and all so excited that we are coming back next year to support another "batch" of Ironcanucks that will become Ironman.

Our co-workers, friends and family are still calling us "hero’s" ..."amazing" ...."extraordinaire" ..."Rock stars" ... and they still can't believe how crazy we are. If only they knew how great crossing that finishing line was....and part of it is all because of you at Ironman Mont-Tremblant that made it so easy for us. Yes, I will say "EASY”, the early mornings, the long hours of training, the blisters, the crashes, all the sweat in the world, injuries, the sacrifices...were all worth it.

We started training less than 2 years ago with Nancy Hastings from Second wind Conditioning (located in Burlington, Ontario) and all of us are from different backgrounds, different age group, and definitely all "different personalities", and they could all vouch for that, but we are now more than teammates, we became good friends, we call ourselves a family and learned that it's not about trying to beat someone in a race but to all finish and have fun and help each other to get to our individual goals.