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About Us

The IronCanucks Triathlon Club is a Burlington Ontario, and surrounding area based team. The IronCanucks provide support and development to triathletes/duathletes of all levels from beginners to veteran Ironman finishers. We train and support one another the throughout year. Our Coaches and Team Leaders organize training and social events to give athletes the opportunity to meet new friends and training partners in addition to providing sport specific support. There are many organized events during the year and at many races you will see our IronCanucks cheer squad supporting their fellow team mates. You cannot miss us on race day, equipped with bells and inspiring signs. IronCanucks are always having fun!

We are always pleased to welcome new members at any time – experience life-changing fun and friendship, and of course, as you will soon catch on, “socializing to follow."

" Every time I speak to someone who is just starting, I am reminded of how excited I was at the thought of completing my first triathlon. It was a scary, but also a fun time. I remember how much of a “sponge” I was to listen and learn all about the sport. Have fun, ask lots of questions, and meet others who share the same passion of triathlon. "

Try us out and don't worry if you don't have top of the line gear. A pair of sneakers, a bike with two wheels and swimsuit is all you need to get started. If you are interested but don't have a bike, or can't swim, or have a sore knee, join up with the team and race your favorite section. The sport offers aqua bike races for non-runners and duathlons for those who prefer to stay away from the water. There is always a solution to staying fit!

Swimming seems to be the sport that holds up everyone, so we offer coached swim workouts during the winter and lots of open water swim sessions in the summer.

In addition to the website, weekly emails are sent to members so everyone can keep up with what's happening.

We Look Forward to seeing you in 2022

Nancy Hastings

IronCanucks President & Founder & Head Coach

NCCP Triathlon and Cycling Certified Coach

Life Coach Practitioner

For more information or questions about our club please email us.


Check out 2012! What an amazing year!